Five reasons an editor is better than your computer's spell check.


1. Objectivity

An editor brings a fresh perspective to your project. An editor identifies inconsistencies and errors you may no longer notice after spending hours, maybe even days or months, on your text. There might be unconscious patterns to your writing, such as an overuse of commas or repetition of a favorite word, that affects its readability. An objective editor will recognize these patterns and work with you to make improvements.


2. Expertise

An editor has specialized skills and knowledge with your project's topic. An editor will identify issues of fact or context that others may overlook. An editor is also an expert with the applicable style guides, conventions, and rules of discourse for your project. While you may spend hours scrambling to learn about heading styles or punctuation rules, an editor addresses these issues every day and knows them well. The expertise of an editor will help polish your project to its sparkling finest!


3. Experience

Odds are an editor has worked on a project similar to yours and can address any issues smartly and accurately. If a new question is raised, an editor knows where to find the answer quickly. An experienced editor can make it look easy to make your project look its best.


4. Efficiency

An editor is a professional. An editor prioritizes and manages her or his time to meet your project's goals. An editor benefits from proven practices to move through your project smoothly.


5. Economy

An editor saves you time and money. Hiring an editor leaves you free to address other priorities and responsibilities. Since most editors work independently, you don't pay the costs of additional office resources or personnel. An editor can turn around a project quickly to keep it on budget and on schedule.


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