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Who We Are

IMC Information Solutions (IMCIS) provides one-stop text editing services for print and digital publications. Founded in 1999, we have grown to serve individuals and organizations in the government, corporate, academic, and not-for-profit sectors. Our purpose is to deliver editing solutions professionally and reliably to the guaranteed satisfaction of our clients.

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What We Do

IMCIS offers editing services to support your project from start to finish. We edit a broad range of English-language text, but specialize in education, business, science, and technical materials.

We work in any media, pencilling hard copy or tracking changes in electronic files. With a strong background in computers and mark-up languages, we also edit CSS, HTML, and XML code, spreadsheets, and database entries. More than just editing, we verify online links and menus, check animations, and compare video and scripts for consistency.

IMCIS offers value-added services, too. We develop in-house style guides, manuals, and records of decision to standardize your editing practices and procedures. We also prepare indices, glossaries, bibliographies, and other reference materials that enhance the usability of your project.

Ultimately, what we do is provide one-stop editing solutions to meet all your project's requirements.

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How We Do It

IMCIS is a team of highly qualified editors with decades of combined experience performing all types of editing at any level of discourse, from plain language text to peer-reviewed publications. We work closely with you to integrate our services with your goals.

We provide the right editor for the job. Our team is comprised of experts in fields ranging from anthropology to zoology. We know the leading style guides or will adapt easily to your house style. Equally important, we know the demands of a busy publishing schedule and managing priorities and timelines to meet them.

Under your direction, we consult with authors or subject matter experts to polish the text, liaise with designers to accommodate layout, and communicate with technicians to make it all work together.

Before returning the final deliverables, we conduct a rigorous quality control review to make sure that all work is completed to your highest standards. It's a matter of professional pride.

Our deep pool of experience and skill is the cornerstone of our guarantee that your project is completed professionally, efficiently, and on time — every time.

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Our Services

Editing is complex, but it shouldn't be confusing. We clearly define our editing services so you know exactly what you need and what we can do to help. After all, clarity leads to understanding.

If you can't find the editing solution you need, we can still help. Just contact us.

Substantive Editing

Substantive editing, sometimes called developmental editing, makes sure text is organized, legible, and logically presented. Substantive editing may modify the text structure so the ideas of the author (or subject matter expert) are presented clearly and more meaningfully to the reader. Substantive editing is usually the first round of editing a project's text.

  • Clarifies and (or) reorganizes text to preserve internal structure and logic.
  • Streamlines content to improve the clarity of ideas.
  • Modifies language to ensure consistent presentation or eliminate jargon.
  • Verifies all sections of the document are included (e.g., title page, dedication, table of contents, chapter headings, bibliography, index, etc.).
  • Suggests changes to the author (or subject matter expert) where necessary.
Copy Editing

Copy editing focuses on the four Cs: making text clear, correct, concise, and consistent. Essentially, copy editing prepares a project for final publication.

  • Checks text for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and consistency of style.
  • Verifies the appearance and numbering of tables and figures.
  • Reviews footnotes, references, and bibliographies for sequence and accuracy.
  • Queries author (or subject matter expert) about any inconsistencies or required clarifications.
  • May include modifying spelling (e.g., British or American), providing or changing system of citations, and preparing captions.

Proofreading is the final check of the text to verify there are no errors or typos before publication. It is the final review of the galley proofs—hence the term. There should be no major changes to the text at the proofreading stage.

  • Reviews text for errors in type, layout, design, and style.
  • Ensures consistency of format.
  • Verifies the appearance of tables, bibliographies, indices, etc.
Fact checking

Fact checking ensures the information presented in the text, tables, or figures is accurate and attributed to verifiable sources.

  • Verifies spelling of names, locations, and organizations.
  • Checks accuracy of quotes, citations, statistics, or references.
  • Ensures captions for figures, images, and tables are correct.
  • May include researching original sources.

Indexing assembles key words and phrases from the document into an easy reference for the reader.

  • Identifies and alphabetizes key words and phrases.
  • Cross-references key words and phrases with correct, final page numbers of the document.
  • Prepares subheadings for key words and phrases where applicable.
Additional Services
  • Developing in-house style guides.
  • Creating manuals, guidelines, records of decisions, and other documentation of procedures.
  • Editing computer coding, mark-up languages, and database entries.
  • Preparing bids and bid templates for private and government procurement process (e.g., requests for proposals, requests for information, expressions of interests, etc.).
  • Research and information gathering.

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Contact Us

Would you like to learn more about us or our editing services? Perhaps you'd like a free assessment or estimate on your project? Maybe you'd like to share a link or a story about editing or language? Feel free to contact us. We`ll get right back to you!


  • Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council
  • Alberta Department of Education
  • Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Canada
  • National Research Council Research Press
  • Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
  • TechOnline Ltd.
  • Douglas & McIntyre Publishing
  • University of Washington Press
  • Crichlow's Actors Studio
  • Red and Yellow Metals Consulting Ltd.
  • Individual authors

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